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Babysitter Wanted on Apple iTunes Babysitter Wanted now on Apple iTunes
BSEG has signed a 3 year deal with Apple through their biggest provider. There will be more information on this in the coming days and weeks. Always check the Big Screen site for updated details.
Babysitter Wanted on Amazon.com Get your copy of Babysitter Wanted
You can order either a copy of it on Blu-ray or DVD today on Amazon.com.

Click here to visit Amazon.com for BSW.
Babysitter Wanted Reviews Interested in Big Screen Entertainment Group
Want to learn more about Babysitter Wanted's production company? Or how about investing inBig Screen Entertainment Group. We have BIG things planned for the near and long term. Visit bigscreenent.com for investor info.
Babysitter Wanted Reviews BSW on the web May 27, 2010
Check out these recent blogs and article on Babysitter Wanted on the web.

Click on Reviews to check them out.
Babysitter Wanted Release May 26, 2010 Babysitter Wanted on DVD and Blu-Ray May 26, 2010
Babysitter Wanted is going to hit store shelves this May 26, 2010.

Click on Release Info to view more.
Horror-Movies.ca Loves Babysitter Wanted
"Sometimes after watching a fantastic film you get that sudden rush of enjoyment and sheer excitement that the horror genre is head in the right way again. After watching Babysitter Wanted I had that feeling.  Read Full Review
  Babysitter Wanted Now on Myspace
The official myspace page for Babysitter Wanted is now online and ready for everyone to check out. Do it now and we promise to not sent a serial killer to your house to cut your throat while you're sleeping.  Checkout Page
  On the Set With Actor Matt Dallas
Ever wonder what actors do on set while waiting around for their next big close-up? Some might assume they'd study their lines. Well some might, but actor Matt Dallas find far more interesting things to do.  Watch Video
  New Production Stills
We've posted a bunch of new production stills from the film. We've got everything from buckets full of body parts to young attractive chicks drenched in blood. We'll post more as they become available.  Checkout Images

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